Monday, 23 March 2009

English Oak - part2

Here are a few more picture of the oak. The growth is rapid as it comes to life in spring again.

Ive selected the buds i want to develop and pinched the others. This young tree was very densely covered in buds so i had plenty of choice. Its very enjoyable growing like this - not needing to wire ( much ) or trim to get shape - but rather to rely on organic growth to get a nice shape developing.

Ive been giving it a little bit of high nitrogen fertiliser - chempack high nitro. the growth seems vigorous so far and im hoping for a big year from the little oak. As you can see in the background - the high nitro is giving rampant growth on the maples.

Im hoping the combination of increasing the number of limbs and the amount of foliage will increase the girth of the trunk quite a lot this year. Ive got some lead wire on the bas to keep track over the season.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Quercus Robur

The acorn that sprouted in my vegetable patch is comign along nicely. its a tough little tree. It had a good season last year and is positioned well this year from some good ramification. its enjoyable to grow from see and be able to shape the tree from the beginning.

ive begun to pinch off some of the buds on the trunk where i dont want new branches forming. The apex is in great shape to put out the next layer of branches and continue upwards. as you can see there are several buds up there that will have to go. il just rubbing them off early in the season so they dont get too much energy diverted into thier growth.

as you can see - i am spoilt for choice for buds right now. the tree feels like its moving towards a formal upright style.