Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Deshojo maple in spring

This is a Deshojo I've been growing for a few years - I bought it as a tiny little twig because I felt sorry for it. This is its second year in the new pot with almost pure Akadama. The roots have filled the pot entirely and it is now extremely vigorous. Sadly I've had to travel and missed the lovely spring foliage.

Its now growing riotously and Im not sure how Im going to slow it down now. Its 70cm from the base of the pot to the average height of the crown - trunk 3cm in diameter a little off the ground. Ive taken a lot of the long shoots back to the first node and will continue to develop ramification. It needs to fatten up a little more but is starting to look quite respectable ( after a good haircut ).
Oh - heres a picture of it that my wife emailed to me while i was away. Lovely colours.

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