Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Scots pine buds

I'm getting all sorts of strange looking buds coming up one of the small Scots pines. It seems that those in the know are hard parted with the knowledge of this species. Most focus on the Japanese black pine - which is more forgiving to work with as it will have many periods of growth in a single season. The Scots pine only has one flush of growth - then its all over till the next year. It is possible to have a second period of growth late in the season if the tree is very healthy and well fed.

This one seems to be multiple simultaneous buds and needles. I suppose I'l find out in a few months when it all grows out.

This started as a candle and then did some stuff at the base. They could be new buds for the lammas late season burst - or just ugly needles.

I am getting some nice buds under the pinched candles. Once the candles have hardened off a bit more and the buds are defined I'l choose the ones i want.

I cut back aggressively behind some of the pine flowers and have been lucky with some good new buds forming there. There are some more further back so ramification will continue to improve.

I have also been gradually removing the 3 year old needles. I cut them off and leave a 5mm stub which falls off on its own in a few weeks. I'm hoping that this gentle loss of foliage will spur on the late season growth without doing any harm.

I have been a little surprised at the vigour of this tree as it was almost bare rooted. I used biogold in the early season - which the pines seem to love. Now they are on strong chemical fertiliser alternated with chicken manure weekly. I try to keep them on rain water for the PH which the pines like - but often they just get hosed.