Sunday, 18 January 2015

Burnham Beeches deadwood

I've been exploring some of the local forests in the Chilterns can came across this stretch while using Google maps. It was a grey Sunday afternoon but rather that sit indoors and waste the day we decided to drive up and have a look around. If lucky there would be some wildlife to take some pictures of although with the low light and grey and misty conditions they would never be any good .

There are many very old Oaks and Beech's in the woods.

There were many family's and dogs walking through the woods so the this was the closest I got to seeing any birds. 

I had never seen an wild Oak this contorted in the south.

The deadwood on the old stumps and trunks was very enjoyable to see. 

Well worth a visit - although during the week may be best as it seemed to get quite busy.