Sunday, 27 September 2009


While i was getting rid of the moss and adding fresh top soil to some of my plants i noticed how good the roots were looking.

Both of these plants were repotted at the beginning of this year. One is a acer palmatum and the other is a citrus. The common factor is the batch of soil used and that both were extremely root bound in small pots. They both went into pots 200% larger - and into the same mix of akadama and organic material ( a little bark ).

Both species have managed to fill their pots in 9 months with fine roots. Towards the end of the year both of them have shown very vigorous growth - something i attribute to the well developed root system ( the ability to take in much more water and nutrients ).

Next year i have some more plants going into a similar soil mix. Hopefully the plants will do as well as these have.

So far the akadama shows no signs at all of collapse and seems good for another year at least.
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