Monday 19 April 2021

crab apple

The blossoms are more pink this year and not fading to boring white. This is an improvement.


Wednesday 7 April 2021

Calamondin thoughts.


In previous years it was never in great shape after the winter. Full of bugs and yellowing foliage.

This year I sprayed it with Roseclear 3 times during the winter - this kept the outbreaks of pests down.

I also took it outside and gave it a deep watering a few times. Drenching it with fresh rainwater. When indoors I water it less because it will overflow its driptray otherwise.

It kept good dark green in the leaves because i fertilised it quite a lot - every 10 days or so - with half strength micracle grow general purpose - and I also gave it a few doses or CalMag which it really enjoyed last summer.

This fertilising regimen seems to work well - so I intend to have the Calamondon and the Satsuki's on the same rotation of fertiliser and CalMag.

Friday 26 March 2021

Field Maple


This is one of my first collected trees. It was found in a sorry state on a footpath - roots already ripped out. I experimented with constant mist and various tent configurations to recover it.

It has too many straight branches and it's also quite skinny. It really hasn't grown well in a pot. I did make some mistakes with my fertiliser schedule in years gone by - so I expect much better results this year.

It does look nice with the leaves out.