Sunday, 27 September 2009

Windybank visit

Ive been looking out for bonsai vendors nearby where i live.

I also needed some supplies for this years round of repotting and maintenance - so it was a chance to stock up and explore a new vendor.

On the weekend i drove my long suffering wife around to windybank bonsai to have a look around and buy some supplies. I found them friendly and relaxed.

They are quite easy to get to - i drove all the way from the north edge of London. Anyone in the greater London area could get there once or twice a year for vital ingredients. They are about 10 minutes off the M25 so easy to access for anyone coming around.

A nice range of trees - from very expensive specimens to some good started material.

Also on hand was a good selection of pots , soil , fertilisers and tools.

I got a couple of nice pots and some akadama. I also bought some fuji grit to experiment with - more about that later.

So far all my attempts to get a soil suitable for bonsai from hydroponic vendors have failed so i will be using akadama for the foreseeable future. Its well priced and the results are excellent.

I like.
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