Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Now that we are through the dead of winter i have begun to work on the plants again. they've had a nice break and are ready to gear up for another good year.

The little oak had its trunk chopped. I took about 60cm off the top and sealed it off.

I left a few centimeters above the next apex bud for it to die back a little. Its probobly going to have this procedure performed a few more times in its life so no need for surgical precision at this time.

I'l give it a week or two to get over the fright before i move it to its new pot. The oak is the beginning of the chain of the repotting season as i have several plants that want new pots this year and they will all be inheriting pots from their older siblings.

This one is going to go into an akadama / fuji grit mix. It was in a 3 part mix of sharp sand , john innes and horticultural grit - which worked extremely well and may have contributed to its explosive growth. I think i will use that soil mix again in the near future.

The work on oaks will continue with planting of a few more acorns. I got lucky and picked up a few acorns for quercus brantii while walking in a restaurant garden - so il see if i can get them to germinate as well.