Saturday, 10 April 2010

New Pot

This is the pot i picked up in Southhampton. Its a rather nice 40cm pot and just what i needed for this larger maple.

Yes i know the maple is scrappy. Il give it a good haircut once the roots are established. I didn't want to repot and do a major pruning at the same time - so last seasons late growth spurt is still there.

Last year it receive a substantial mid-year pruning - eliminated crossing branches and useless internal foliage. The process was helped by a nice gold glass of hoegaarden.

I also tried out some different cutting tools for the pruning. My busted up old Japanese still work best though.

The roots were cut right back - much further than this image. If last years repottign is any indication then this will take 4 months to get its vigour back and it will have a late season growth spurt.

The cat is seen assisting as usual.

While talking to the people in Southhampton I also learnt that the toxicity of Azaleas isnt that great to cats - so I'm allowed an Azalea now. I wanted one purely for the hysterical flowering.
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