Tuesday, 4 May 2010

RHS Wisley

Now that the weather is easing up its a great time for a walk in the country to admire natures work. Its even better with a good lunch and manicured lawns for strolling.


This is a Sequoia - a young one i suspect. The nebari is already very interesting to look at.

The pinetum section was very interesting as it contained the 7 of the largest recorded specimens for species of conifer - known as the Champion Trees.

If you are growing a bonsai and have styling angst and need to see what a mature example of a wild tree looks like then this is the place to be.

The scots pines are lovely.

This time of the year there are some fabulous blossoms from the various fruit trees on display. There are imported onramentals and natives to be seen. Wisley as quite a large apple orchard with many varieties.

There is also a small Bonsai garden with a few very nice specimens on display. This winter was a tough one and some of the maples seem to have lost a few twigs.

Wisly has a very large section devoted to azaleas. There are some massive examples. All shapes and sizes are on display in the gardens. They are worth visiting this time of the year purely to see this section.

The nursery section on the way out of the gardens is rather good. Some very interesting and rare Pinus Negra ( european black pine ) cultivars are available there. There is also an extensive selection of azaleas available there too - interesting named varieties.
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