Sunday, 11 July 2010


Sadly the new oak died. I'm more than a little angry that someone at a bonsai show would sell me a tree without roots - but it was a risk at the time and luckily didn't cost a great deal. Onto better things.

I've been growing some pomegranates for a few years. Ive been bedevilled by them starting strongly each year and then dieing back. The leaves turned this purple color. Turns out the purple color on fruit trees is a sign of Phosphorus deficiency. Ive been giving them a hit of super phosphate once a week and there has been a substantial improvement. It seems they are greedy plants like citrus and want a lot of nutrients.

The Calamondin is also on the same feeding program and is doing very well. It also seems to want heavy feeding.

They are now on twice weekly fertiliser and once weekly super phosphate. This regime seems to be helping my ornamental quinces hold onto fruit as well.

Ive switched fertilisers to Canna tera vega. Its a product mostly used in hydroponics - but since I'm growing most of my plants in sterile soils like them i though I'd use premium nutrients. The results are very pleasing so far. I'll switch to the aqua range once this batch is finished. Go to your local hydroponics store and try some out - the other wild eyed nervous customers will be freaked out by your presence.

The cat is very pleased at the new position of the big maple on the lawn. Its just the right size for her to lurk under. Pity the poor lawn is dead due to the drought.

The big maple is on the same twice weekly fertiliser - but without the super phosphate. I bought a PH testing kit and found that the rain water that i used to water my plants was well under 6. I use a little bicarb to up this to about 6.3 and found that it made the roots jive. Nutrient uptake at the improved PH is much improved.

Its my subjective opinion - but London rainwater maybe too acidic for all plants. Phosphorus uptake at less than 6.1 seems to be much reduced.

The maple was repotted this year and had a really slow start. But with the improved PH and nutrients the roots have now completely filled the pot and new shoots are getting going.

The little Scots pine is doing very well. I did a little light trimming and wiring to refine it. Ive thinned out the needles in a few areas - I'm hoping to improve the apex a little. I also hope to have a nice pot made for it over the next few months.

The photo isn't very good - but i am very pleased with this tree.

I bought another very large Scots pine. I'm going to stare at it for another few weeks before i do anything to it.
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