Sunday, 8 August 2010

New oaks

I was really annoyed about loosing that oak that i bought. Ive been looking out for some trees in the area to collect - but there really aren't any. So the only choice was to grow from scratch. No idea how i ended up there - but i found that i could buy seedlings of native trees from the Woodlandtrust - so i ordered myself 4 oak seedlings and waited patiently to see how long it would take and what they would looking.

They came in a plain unmarked box - and seemed to last very well in it. The poor things languished in there for a few days until i got back from work.

They come in these root training cell pots. There is a reasonable amount of soil and a good helping of roots in there. They have gone straight into some medium sized pots of good soil and after a week are all looking very perky and show signs of a bit of last season growth.