Sunday, 7 August 2011

pine color

Here is the big Scot's pine early on in the season. Mid April. It has a very nice even flush of new candles on it. Surprised me a little as it had just been repotted.

I have the primary branch structure in place with some heavy wiring. I will need some raffia to finish this job. The deltas of good foliage are forming with every shorter tributaries. All the crossing and plain silly branch's are gone. I still have a great deal of pondering to do until i settle on the final shape. There will be a few Big cuts and maybe some of that ghastly jin.

After the spring candles the big pine went all yellow. I feared that I'd damaged some roots and that I would lose some branches.
I tried Heavy fertiliser every 10 days. It didn't die - but it didn't get a great deal better either.

Much improved now - still not the black green color of extreme vigor - but very good progress. Canna every 2 days and fish emulsion on the weekend. I'm amazed at how much higher the nutrient requirements are in fired clay.

As a result of this i don't have a nice flush of candles coming through now and there isn't much back budding to speak of - but there is always next year.

Then again - the buds are good and theres a bit of life left in this summer. Moar fertiliser!!!