Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Gordons Alive!!

Been watching my roots. The reduced root ball is starting to work now - although it has yet to fill its new pot - the active region can clearly be seen. Once of the nice things about Akadama is this ability to see the moisture level of the soil. The spring foliage is starting to transpire and draw up water.

The spring foliage is lovely on Deshojo's - I'm glad that I'm home this year so that I can appreciate it as it changes every day. Rather have a job though.

Deshojo - Its all about the colour.

The big Palmatum is well under way now and I've started to pinch buds already. I have a few decisions to make later on which branches will make the cut - nice to have a good selection to choose from. Last years work on increasing ramification was a success. This bonsai is very early in its development and is really only 1 node from the main structure. I hope to have it out to 3 nodes this year with more defined lateral branches and maybe some pads.

The Palmatum is pretty enough in its own right.

PS. With the maples now is a good time for Very Gentle wiring. I prefer to use lengths of lead soldering wire as weights to train branches. Its important to be doing this early before the new growth lignifies. Careful as the new growth is terribly delicate at this point.


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