Friday, 27 July 2012

Herons visit

Last week i was down in Kent and made a detour past Herons. I got there quite late in the day - but they were kind enough to allow me a quick tour. I didn't have enough time to have a really detailed look - just took a few pictures and had a walk about. I'm sure I missed some bits.

A large selection of plants of all common bonsai species was available for sale. There was a good selection of natives as well.

Many interesting things lurked in this tunnel. I wish i had had a day to do a thorough inspection.

One of the best selections of larger pots i have seen. Perfect for my larger trees. Prices seemed reasonable. I didn’t get around to the dried goods - but i have no doubt that all the favourite consumables could be had.

The growing beds were extensive and well stocked with good looking material.

I was very impressed with the nursery. A must see for any London or southern growers. I will be back.


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