Friday, 31 May 2013

Ashridge pines

I took a drive up to Ashridge Estate to go and have a look at some nice Scots pines that grow along the roads there and go for a walk in the woods. As I walked a little back to get them nicely into frame I heard a noise behind and turned to look. Much to my surprise there was a large herd of deer in the woods behind me. They were a little shy and didn’t let me up too close - but I got a few nice pictures and got to enjoy their company for a few minutes.

This herd of fallow deer was established by the monastery in the 13th century. A few centuries later Henry VIII used to hunt this herd - in between wives I suppose.

Lovely colours in the early spring woodlands - and the fallow deer have tones on their pelts that are perfectly matched to the surrounding foliage.

These woods are lovely to walk in on a week day when it's not too busy. Its very popular on weekends - much more so when the weather is good. It's nice to see so many people getting out into nature.

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