Saturday, 25 January 2014

Maple progression over 6 years

I was running through some archives of images off an old camera and I got these together of this maple I've been growing for the last few years.

2014 - Focus on the side branches has improved the shape and give more fine branches. The inter-node length is also much improving now. My maple ( and general ) pruning and technique is also much improved.

2012 -  Ice cream cone shaped. Target height achieved so its time to focus on the side branches now. and develop more fine ramification.

2011 - Growing happily. Full of wires and weights to move the fine branches.

2010 - great colour on the autumn leaves. Bigger pot.

2009 - Trunks held apart with trimmed lengths of chopsticks. I got over enthusiastic and defoliated - would have been better off selectively trimming.

2008 - First trunk chop. Needed to be done early to have any chance of taper. At this point i had had this maple for about 2 years.
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