Thursday, 3 February 2011

more potting

This is my gin&tonic calamondon tree. It had been in this pot for 2 years and was ready for a larger pot and some fresh soil.

This is its second repotting in my care. This was akadama bought off amazon with a little compost - and its worked very well. The roots are beautiful.
Excellent roots. No rot at all. Great health. I was so very pleased when i pulled this out of the pot and saw how healthy the roots were.

Its growth had been exceptionally strong this last year.

These plants are very hungry and need a huge amount of fertiliser in the sterile soil. Full strength at least once a week.

The roots are well organised and worked out perfectly radially with a rake. They were well organised from the previous repotting so it was quick and easy. A few more years and those surface roots are going to look very good. I cleaned off the old soil and trimmed lightly.

Its been planted into quite a large pot. I'm using biosorb and pine bark. about 4:1 mix ratio. There is a 1.5cm drainage of layer of coarse soil.

After 2 weeks the tree is looking greener then before it was potted. It seems quite happy with the new pot.

The plant is now in a totally inert pH neutral soil. I have a new fertiliser regimen planned and i hope for very strong growth this year. That trunk is still way too skinny.

PS - a few days later

In most respects this calamondon behaves like a kumquat. So it appreciates a deeper pot as the roots like to go deep - similar to pomegranate with the deep pots and heavy feeding requirements. They seem to be less PH sensitive than pomegranate though. I have potted it over a very generous drainage layer of course soil particles. 3 weeks after repotting and it is back budding vigorously.