Monday, 24 March 2014

Maple repotting recovery time

This post is a note to myself - and those who are interested - on how long it takes a maple to recover after root pruning and repotting. Many new bonsai growers have wondered how long it takes when they do their first repot - so here is what I've observed this year.

On the 18th of Jan this year I repotted one of my larger maples - it has now settled into its new pot and is doing well. The first flush of growth has hardened off and I've done some light cutting back. There is some second flush growth coming through now as some of the shaded inner buds are opening.

By the 28 Feb the new roots were visible on the surface around the trimmed-back root ball. (5-6 weeks)

By the 22nd of March I have visible surface roots in all corners of the pot. The soil height is rising as well with all the activity going on underneath. The average growth on the new branches is about 40cm. I have trimmed this back around the apex where I don't want this much vigour and left it on the lower branches where I want to thicken up and add ramification. ( 8-9 weeks )

Immediately after repotting the maples were given root growth stimulant and mild fertiliser. After 2 weeks they were on normal strength regular fertiliser. I watered and fertilised based on the colour of the surface of  soil.

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